We specialise in BMW used body parts & spares. 4000m2 full of body parts, spares and rebuilds. Get what you need at very competitive prices!

How we work

MD House Motors works hard to supply our customers with the best service, BMW used spares, non-genuine parts and BMW rebuilds. We go through a lengthy process and spend a lot of effort to ensure we find the BMW used parts and BMW rebuilds that are in high demand. In order to stock our business and continue finding new vehicles, we check multiple sources and only purchase quality vehicles that have genuine BMW parts and are demonstrated to be honestly acquired.

MD House Motors works with insurance companies, banks, scrap yards and private traders when sourcing cars. Because we have been in this market for almost 20 years we are able to negotiate the best prices and get the best of the stock arriving on our lot regularly. We do this to make sure that you can get what you need without delay and at discounted prices! If we don’t have a particular item you can request it by phoning, emailing or coming in to our offices.

With our customer’s convenience in mind, MD House Motors doesn’t dismantle the entire car as soon as it arrives. Instead, we leave it intact so you can pick and choose matching items. The care for our customers is shown in everything we do, from sourcing to providing knowledgeable staff to help you in any way possible.

Give us a call to talk about what body and other BMW auto parts we have so you can get your vehicle repaired.